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Entries are now open!!

The summer handicap tournament is a  team event designed to maximise participation through the club with players participating from all levels,  and maximise the fun.  For those not familiar  with the concept,  this is a social event above all else.

To enter please e-mail or enter via the members area on the webiste or put your name on the notice board.  Please let us know if you can Captain a team, which really helps, and is not that arduous.

Entry closes on 19th June 2018.

In the tournament each team has around 7 players, of varying playing levels.  Matches are played on Tuesday evenings each week through July and August. The expectation is that the all players will participate evenly playing 2 or 3 games through the main league period of the competition,  but ideally will come along to support their team.

All games are handicapped, and dynamically change through the match,  to make it fairer.

Teams will have players at each level, according to handicaps.  For this reason the teams will be selected depending upon the entries.

A grand final playoff will then be played at the end of the league period between the top two teams to find the overall winner  and the bottom two teams to award the wooden spoon.

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